Eich T-1000 Bass Amp


A True Bundle of Power!

  • Lightweight and Ultra Compact Class-D Power Amp
  • Magnet Fix Pins Keep Your Amp in Place
  • “Taste” Filter, 4-band EQ, Bass & High Control and Built-in Compressor w/ Attack Control
  • Pre/Post Transformer balanced DI Out
  • Ground Lift switch / 115 / 230V switch
  • 1000 W Power


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Product Description




EICH Amplification may be a relatively new brand in the bass amp market, but the forces behind are not only super-skilled, there’s also massive amounts of real-world bass amp experience behind the powerful heads and classy cabinets.

Thomas Eich is the man behind TEC Amp, but recently he decided to break out and start a new bass brand. One that has quickly become one to definitely check out if you’re in the market for a high-end bass rig solution.

EICH has gone all in and has a full range of bass heads to suit any power need, tons of cab variants to cater for compact to massive stacks to fit any environment, sleek combos, perfect-fit covers and soft bags for the heads. They even have a range of bass boards if you’re an in-ear player.



How the T-1000 Works


The new EICH T1000 is tiny and massive at the same time. A small footprint does not rule out a huge sound.

Being a real EICH through and through, only the finest materials and components are used in order to evenly reproduce the full frequency range and deliver an extremely solid bass sound.

The very effective tone controls suit all musical styles. With the T-1000, you get a four-band tone control plus a bass and high boost switch section which lets you easily dial in any sound you want.



eich-amplification-t-1000-bass-amp-tasteAnd if that shouldn’t be enough, the T-1000 has one more trick up its sleeve: The TASTE control that emphasizes the tonal characteristics of the individual instrument. Set it to the centre and this control doesn’t affect your signal at all.

But turn it to the left and you start to filter out some ultra-low frequencies while at the same time give the critical mid range a bump for some real cut-through-the-mix bass power. This is the ultimate trick for an amazing mwah-delicious fretless tone.

Turn it to the right to soften the high end which leads to a pumping bass sound.




eich-amplification-t-1000-bass-amp-rearAdditional features include an effects loop, Tuner Out, Line Out, Line In, three Speakon® outputs and a DI out with Pre/Post and Ground Lift switch.

Sheer proof that the T1000 is an extremely versatile amp that is ideal for traveling around the world due to their voltage switch which allows them to be operated at 230 and 115 volts 50 – 60 Hz.


Compressor & FX

eich-amplification-t-1000-bass-amp-compressorThe T-1000 additionally features the newly developed Eich compressor which allows for subtle dynamic alterations without any level changes. You can also choose between a long and a short attack time which gives you even more breathtaking sound variations.

The controls EFFECTS MIX and LINE IN are located on the front panel and thus easily accessible. There is also a footswitch jack for the MUTE function.

The equalizer section is further expanded by switchable bass and treble boosts. The “DAS” direct airflow system cools the T-1000 every time.



Magneto Super Powers

The Magnet Fix Pins will keep the T-1000 in place when you use one of the Eich cabinet.

All Eich cabinets have the AmpFixing rail on top of the cabinet to make sure your amp stays in only one place – where it should be!

We love lightweight Class D amps, but one of the drawbacks have in some cases turned out to be a head that could be easily ‘dragged’ backwards from the speaker cables or if the stage is a little shaky.

The brilliant Eich magnetic solution solves this issue that could potentially save you from loosing sound mid-gig or even a trip to the repair shop.


Power 2 Go. And Made Exclusively in Germany.

Combining all of the above, the result is an impressive live performance with an unbeatable power-to-weight ratio. With its two individually controllable digital power amps delivering 500 watts each (1000 watts in bridge mode) the T1000 will rumble any stage in the world.

Speaking about the world. Bass amps come from many places. Some are designed in one country, manufactured in others and assembled in yet another country. Well, all EICH amps are designed, manufactured, assembled and quality-tested in Germany. Even the circuit boards are made just a few miles from Thomas Eich’s workshop where the design, assembly and final testing is taking place. It is super important to Thomas Eich to truly know where the parts come from, how the pieces come together and it is his philosophy that this is what it takes to build a great bass amp – and that you can hear that when you plug in your instrument!

The EICH T1000 simply combines enormous power and elegant lightness to create a completely new generation of bass amplifiers. For the next generation of bass players!


How The Eich T-1000 Sounds



Main Features

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Ultra compact
  • Switching power supply
  • Class-D Poweramp
  • „DAS“ Direct-Airflow-System
  • Magnet Fix pins
  • »Taste«-Filter
  • 4-band EQ
  • pre/post »DI out«
  • Transformer balanced »DI out«
  • Ground Lift switch
  • 115 / 230V switch
  • regelbarer Compressor mit »Attack Time« switch
  • »Bass Boost« und »Hi Boost« switch
  • »Mute« & »Compressor« -footswitch-Anschluss
  • CH-B mit 200 Hz »Lo Pass« Filter und +12 dB »Sub-Boost«
  • 1000 W Power


Tech Specs

  • Preamp: solid state preamp with gain, taste, lo, lomid, himid, hi, master controls, switchable mute, DI pre/post, XLR balanced DI out, serial effects loop, tuner out, line out, line in, line/effect mix, switchable -10dB input, attack time, compressor, bass boost, hi boost, mute and compressor footswitch out
  • Output RMS: 2 x 500 w (2 ohms), 1 x 1000 w (4 ohms) bridged mode
  • Power Amp: Class D amplifier module, separate volume control for CH-A and CH-B and bridged mode option
  • Power Supply: switching power supply
  • Output: Speakon® combo connectors with ¼“ jack
  • Cooling: high quality temperature controlled fan with„DAS“ Direct-Airflow-System



  • Dimensions: (W x H x D): 27 cm x 8 cm x 25 cm / 10.7″ x 3.2″ x 9.9″
  • WEIGHT: 2,4 kg / 5,24 lbs


Operation Manual


Download the EICH T-1000 User Manual (English) here…



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